What does vaping cost?

Vaping is substantially cheaper than smoking. Australia has the highest cigarette prices in the world and the tobacco tax is set to rise 12.5% every year on September 2018, 2019 and 2020. A pack-a-day smoker (20 cigarettes) spends $9,125 per year on smoking.

The cost of vaping depends on the vaping device used and the level of vaping. Here are some average costs for the purchase of devices and nicotine e-liquid.

  • Vaping devices. Many people start with a simple pod device or a refillable tank. Typical cost is about $35-$50.
  • Nicotine e-liquid. E-liquid for refillable devices can be purchased for $20 per 30ml bottle in Australia. A typical vaper uses 4ml e-liquid per day or 1,460 ml per year, which is 50 bottles. Replaceable pods cost $3-6 and and deliver 200-300 puffs on average.

Total cost of vaping (refillable tank): $1,150 per year.

The difference?

The comparative cost saving for a 20 cigarette-a-day smoker using a refillable device is nearly $8,000 per year. So vaping can be about 85% less expensive than smoking.

The cost of using a pod device is a little more than using refillables.

Vapers who mix their own e-liquid and/or build their own coils save a lot more, but there are risks in that and we do not recommend this for new vapers.

Calculate your cost of smoking here.

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